• Engine Degreasing
  • Multi Stage Front Loading Wash System
  • Heavy Industry Applications
  • Ultrasonic and Spray Wash Machines’
  • Manufacturing & Re-Manufacturing
  • Multi Stage Conveyor Wash System
  • Rail Industry
  • Multi Stage Front Loading Wash System
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Multi Stage Conveyor Wash System
  • Automotive Industry


Designed as a direct alternative to hazardous Solvent Cleaning- The NEW Vapourwash system incorporates all aqueous cleaning techniques into just one machine.

Due to the ever increasing Health and Safety concerns regarding solvent degreasing, the new Vapourwash system has been designed as a real Aqueous-based alternative to solvent cleaning.

The footprint layout is similar in size to other solvent vapour degreasing systems, however the new aqueous based Vapourwash system combines the full range of aqueous cleaning techniques into just one machine.

Incorporating an agitation immersion facility, optional ultrasonic stage, unique vapour rinsing facility, and hot air drying stage, component parts are washed and dryed to a high cleaning specification.

Particularly suitable for components with blind holes, tubular products, sheet metals or light weight parts- the Vapourwash system is the first of its kind to provide exceptional vapour degreasing cleaning ability without being hazardous to Operators or the environment.


Standard Features

  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Agitation/Immersion Wash facility
  • Ultrasonic Wash option
  • Eductor flow jets
  • Spray Washing facility
  • Unique vapourised rinsing facility
  • Hot Air Drying Stage
  • Vapour Condensing

Optional Extras

Typical Applications