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Technowash are pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at the Surface World show, at stand number 148.

Technowash will be on hand during the show, running from the 24th to the 26th September 2013, to discuss their full range of component degreasing systems, utilising the very latest in aqueous and solvent technologies with prospective clients.

From its manufacturing base in North Yorkshire, Technowash offers both a standard range and also a bespoke range offering a complete degreasing solution for the most challenging application & process.

For more information and to register for the show please visit

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The Technowash TWL range of industrial, top loading, single stage, spray wash machines are a great addition to any workshop for various applications – including manufacturing & remanufacturing for many industries including aerospace, automotive & rail.

Constructed fully from stainless steel, fitted with high quality components throughout these machines come complete with the following features:

  • High flow stainless steel wash pumps
  • Motor driven stainless steel component baskets
  • Simple to use control panels with digital display temperature and cycle time controllers and safety gear including lid interlock and low fluid level protection
  • Electric immersion fluid heaters
  • Stainless steel spray bar configuration to the top, side and underneath the component basket with easily removable spray jets

twl front loading spray wash machine

Please contact Technowash Limited for more information about our TWL range of top loading spray wash machines:

Telephone asking for ‘Machine Sales’ 01609 778 771 or Contact us here


Technowash AQF 2500 / 3

Please note this surplus machine has now been sold – Contact us if you are interested in another


As New (Surplus to Requirements), Heavy Duty, High Powered Multi-Stage,

Front Loading Type Spray Wash Machine 

For Component Cleaning within Large Parts Basket OR Rail Wheelset Cleaning

spray wash machine

Process Stages: 

High Volume, Heated Detergent Spray Wash (Re-Circulated)

Mains Water Spray Rinse Cycle (Fed to Drain)

High Volume, Heated Mains Water Spray Rinse Cycle (Re-Circulated)

Steam Extraction Fan Cycle



Complete with 2500mm Diameter Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Component Basket/Table, mounted onto a Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wheel mounted Bogie (see image attached)

Can also accept Rail Wheelsets up to 1500mm Diameter x 2700mm Wide (see image attached)

Twin, Air Powered, Vertical Opening Access Doors for ‘Through’ Washing

3000 KG Safe Weight Carrying Capacity

Power Driven Upper/Side Spray Bar Arrangement, Water Powered Lower Spray Bar Arrangement

Solenoid Type Mains Water Refill Units Fitted to all Tanks

‘OS2’ Oil/Water Separator Unit



3 Phase + Earth, 415V, 50Hz, 200 Amp Supply

OMRON PLC with HMI Touch Screen Control

Digital Display Fluid Temperature Control

7 Day / 24 Hour Fluid Temperature Control within PLC



Users Manual complete with Electrical Diagrams

CE Certificate of Conformity

Copy of PLC Programme on disc


For more details on the machine specification and for a detailed cost quotation, please contact Technowash or telephone 01609 778 771 and ask for machine sales

Technowash have developed a safe system of removing rust from Ferrous components using their ‘TECHNOWASH NEUTRAL DERUST FORMULATION’.

The example shown is an engine block destined for re-manufacture. Process temperatures do not exceed 55 degrees and the chemical is classified as no risk to the operators or the environment. The equipment shown is one of the TWL, top loading, spray wash range, however Technowash can design bespoke units where more complicated profiles require precise corrosion removal specifications  incorporating potential for increased volumes of components.

This process will be attractive to both small independent operators and larger companies in the automotive and marine re-manufacturing sectors. Spectacular results can be consistently achieved in times well below 60 minutes. Long tank life ensures that the replacement of dangerous Chlorinated Solvents and Caustics is achievable at acceptable cost per item.

The before and after pictures below show the results obtained after a 45 minute wash cycle:

anti corrosion rust free wash

Please contact Technowash Limited for more information on this process:

Telephone asking for ‘Machine Sales’    01609 778 771