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Technowash ltd has unveiled a new industrial rotary drum dryer system, which is suitable for removing moisture from a wide range of components and applications.

The dryer has been designed to process high volumes of smaller components, and is another addition to the already comprehensive range of washing and degreasing equipment, manufactured by Technowash ltd.

Parts are fed into the dryer unit, and slowly tumbled and conveyed, while hot air is continuously circulated around the drum through an air knife. The continuous movement of the parts, ensures even troublesome areas which trap moisture are fully dryed, and that all surface areas of the components can be reached.

The dryer drum is constructed from either plastic or stainless steel, dependant on the type of component, and is fully perforated to aid the drying process. An extraction system is fitted, to safeguard the environment and any moisture is removed from the machine safely. The dryer has fully adjustable heating controls, and variable drum speed controls, making it very flexible. It is also available with vibratory hopper infeed and outfeed elevator if required.

Applications are wide and varied, as it can be used during many different processes. One recent example includes the drying of plastic balls following spherical grinding, and Technowash ltd have now supplied over fifteen of the dryer systems globally, for this purpose alone.

More information on the dryer systems can be found by contacting the Sales Team on 01609 778771

A new aqueous-based automated cleaning system developed specifically for cleaning V8 Engine blocks, is becoming a huge hit.

This new water-based cleaning system, has been developed in direct response to a call for an effective alternative to solvent cleaning methods for automotive parts. The success of the system in terms of the cleanliness results it achieves and the high industry demand it is now generating, shows once again that water-based cleaning systems are more than capable of matching their solvent counterpart on every level.

This machine’s particular success can be put down to a combination of the latest  aqueous based technology with clever design. Specifically addressing the cleaning challenges of the V8 Engine block, in terms of shape, size and countless blind holes, the machine’s entire design is based around removing swarf, coolant oil and all other contaminant from every area of the engine block.

The V8 engine blocks are suspended inside the machine’s wash chamber, and slowly bi-directionally rotated. A water-based wash solution and mains water rinse, are sprayed at high velocity through the wash pumps, spray bars, and jets onto the engine block ensuring all areas are reached. Hot air is then blown from the top of the chamber onto the rotating engine block, and so the engine block is thoroughly dryed as well as cleaned before finally exiting the machine.


Cycle times are currently down to 15 minutes per cycle, meaning upto 4 engine blocks per hour can be processed.

With increasing demand for exceptional cleaning results, cost effectiveness, environmental legislation compliance and operator safety, it is true to say that this aqueous based wash system, effortlessly puts a tick in every box.

In addition this is by no means the only water- based system that Technowash ltd has developed for automotive parts in recent months. With the continued success of the conveyorised engine block washers launched last year, and the every popular top loading spray wash equipment for other automotive parts, it seems that water-based equipment is certainly proving it is the way forward.

4th Feb 2009

When Weatherford looked for a supplier capable of performing to the strict industry standards required by all offshore oil & gas providers, their search took them to Technowash, the largest independent manufacturer of such aqueous degreasing equipment in Europe.

Based in Aberdeen, Weatherford’s operations involve global oil tool rental and refurbishment, but as part of their global corporate commitment to the environment, any equipment sourced had to be the safest available yet be capable of exceeding the companies highest production output targets.

Jim Liebnitz, Consultant at Weatherford said: “The cleaning process is an essential part of our operation. It is the only way of evaluating any damage and necessary repairs when the tools come back to the plant. Our existing process was extremely time-consuming usually taking two workers at least three attempts to clean each component with a high pressure wash gun, before it could even go to the next stage of processing, inspection.”

The Technowash equipment, already proven in similar industries such as Aerospace & Automotive fitted within all the companies’ key parameters for new equipment. The front load aqueous degreasing machine which achieves high standards of cleaning combined with reduced cycle times was recommended. Being constructed to have a high weight carrying capacity and easy load / unload access it was ideal for heavy-duty components and a perfect match for Weatherford’s needs.

The existing solvent process was time consuming and inefficient. The chemicals being used were corrosive and hazardous to the company’s employees and surrounding environment. The time for change had arrived.

After full training from Technowash’s experienced after sales support team, all equipment operators were successfully awarded certificates and started to increase efficiency, virtually overnight.

The solution from Technowash enabled Weatherford to complete a job in 15 minutes that was originally taking them several hours. It was also a much safer production line, as chemicals have been eliminated and handling has been cut to a minimum allowing valuable labour to be freed up and allocated to other tasks.

Waste was also of major concern to Weatherford. Waste generated from the previous system had to be changed every two weeks and, being solvent based, was difficult and expensive to

The waste water from the aqueous system now only needs to be changed once a month and Weatherford are considering further wash water recycling equipment from Technowash to allow them to be even more environmentally responsible with their waste products.

Mr Liebnitz continued: “We are delighted with the service, the equipment and the knowledge passed on to us. Our efficiency & output has increased ten-fold and hazardous chemicals have been eliminated from operations.

The outcome has been superb and I would have no hesitation recommending this equipment to other companies.”

12th Dec 2008

Technowash have announced today that they are cutting the price on their Bench top Ultrasonic ‘Cleanex‘ range and the Standalone ‘Cleanmax’ range, in a bid to transfer cost savings to their customers.

As a direct response to the current worsening economic climate, Technowash decided to consciously examine and restructure their entire product range processes, which has led to increased savings throughout the Ultrasonic range. This saving is something they are keen to transfer to customers, as Sales Director Steven Price, explained:

“More and more we are finding our customers don’t have the large capital expenditure that was available 6 months ago, so we decided to see if we could make any savings which could then be transferred. We have restructured a number of production processes, and as a result can now reduce the cost of our bench top and standalone ultrasonics, which applies across the entire Cleanex and Cleanmax range”

The ultrasonic cleaners, are all stainless steel, compact models and are available in a variety of different tank sizes from 8ltr to 160ltrs. They come with either analogue or digital controls, and all have a guaranteed two year warranty.

They are suitable for a wide range of applications including: Laboratories, Pharmacuetical Companies, Vetinerary Surgeries, Brass Musical Instrument Repairers and Manufacturers, Clock Repairers, Jewellery Cleaning, as well as the traditional industries such as Aerospace and  Automotive.


20th October 2008