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Technowash ltd have supplied Caterpillar Ltd with a new degreasing system to wash the fuel and hydraulic tanks, being manufactured at their UK plant in Peterlee.


The degreasing system is a water- based, fully automated, system comprising of four stages. It has been designed to be both Operator friendly, and have the capacity to reach high levels of cleaning specifications.


The design has been specifically tailored to cope with the ground breaking levels of material handling, liquid movement and weight capabilities generated by the tanks, as well as the magnitude, internal baffles and unusual shape.


A unique rotary component jig inside the spray wash main chamber allows the fuel tanks to be manipulated during the wash process. Internal fast fill devices are used to fill the fuel tanks with filtered wash solution down to one micron size, before rotating them through various hot spray wash and rinse stages. The component jig then suspends the fuel tanks in various positions allowing for thorough draining of the tanks internals.


The degreasing system has the capacity to process up to four large fuel or hydraulic tanks every hour, and it can reduce weight contamination to only 3mg- providing cleaning consistency and quality.


In addition, being a fully automated system, all the Operator needs to do is push the button.


Looking ahead to the future, the machine has also been designed with enough capacity to ensure that any expansion of the fuel and hydraulic tank lines can also be accommodated.


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16th October 2008

Technowash has today announced the appointment of its first Environmental Manager, Robin Lush.
The UK aqueous degreasing equipment manufacturer believes this is the time for them and their customers to focus on developing environmental, energy & cost savings for themselves and their customers.
The role will involve working with internal design & manufacturing teams – and with customers & suppliers, to minimise raw materials, energy & waste during manufacturing. Emphasis will also be placed on using energy-saving state-or-the-art miniaturized control systems in all machines.
Robin Lush said: “My role will be to get to the heart of our business and ensure that Technowash considers the environment in every decision. Saving energy and improving efficiency fits really well with the company’s ethics and we will be able to realise financial benefit as well as having a more positive impact on the environment.”

Robin’s appointment – the first of its kind for any UK degreasing equipment manufacturer – ensures that Technowash (already a market leader in their field) is at the forefront of environmental management.
The appointment has been timed to pre-empt the company’s end of year 2008 results which are expected to show their best trading year since their inception.

Technowash Operations Director, Anthony Grayson said: “Our customers and staff tell us that they want Technowash to tackle this issue in a responsible and determined way. Robin’s appointment will also cover our sister company, Partswash, and will help to drive their environmental awareness too.”
“This is an important time for both companies – and our efforts should help to make us more competitive in terms of both cost & environmental responsibility.
Robin will report straight to the board and will produce a company environment policy and strategy in the coming months.

14th October 2008

Technowash, the North Yorkshire based capital equipment manufacturer has just launched its new website.
The new site which went live on Tuesday 14th October, 2008 emphasizes the dual nature of the company who are leading manufacturers of traditional aqueous spray wash degreasing equipment, and, Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, since 2000.
The home page is divided into two main sections each based on a core product area of the company (either traditional spray wash degreasing equipment or ultrasonic cleaning equipment).
By simply clicking on either of the main product groups allows visitors to get specific information on many types of degreasing equipment with only one further click.
Steve Price, Sales Director of Technowash, commented: “Even though our old website worked well, it was time for us to tell everyone a little more about our achievements to date and capabilities as a manufacturer.”
“The new site tells our customers that there is much more about Technowash now, than 5 years ago. Our objective was to make the site much more relevant to today’s engineers allowing them easy access to information and the ability to see examples of equipment already in use in most industries including aerospace, automotive and medical.”

For further information please call us on 01609 778771.

14th October 2008