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  • Multi Stage Front Loading Wash System
  • Heavy Industry Applications
  • Ultrasonic and Spray Wash Machines’
  • Manufacturing & Re-Manufacturing
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  • Multi Stage Front Loading Wash System
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Inline Flat Bed Rotary Spiral Drum Conveyor

Inline Flat Bed Rotary Spiral Drum Conveyor

Specifically designed for the continuous processing of high volumes of component parts.

Used where more conventional batch type degreasing systems would struggle to achieve the throughput rate required, various types of conveyor systems are available to suit the application in hand such as flatbed mesh, tailored jig type or rotary spiral drum.

The conveyor systems can be either variable speed controlled or indexed to allow the operator to control throughput speeds and ensure that the parts being processed remain in the various process stages to achieve the desired result.

Any number of wet and dry process stages can be added to the machines specification such as hot wash, hot rinse, air knife blow off & hot air dry, to reach the required component cleanliness standard.

Standard Features

  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Full 35mm thick thermal & sound insulation
  • Low Level Fluid Protection
  • Digital Display Fluid Temperature Control
  • Conveyor System with variable speed control
  • Pressed Stainless Steel Fluid Pumps
  • Gravity Fed Effluent Drain Taps
  • Hot Wash, Rinse, Air Knife & Dry cycles to suit application
  • Machine Mounted Control Panel
  • Electric, Gas or Steam Powered Fluid Heating
  • Steam Extraction
  • Integral Fluid Particle Filtration

Optional Extras

  • Fine Inline Fluid Particle Filtration
  • Steam Condenser
  • Effluent Disposal Pump
  • 7 Day/24 Hour Heater Timer
  • Oil/Water Separator Unit
  • Auto Detergent Dosing Unit
  • Electric Eye Belt Stop

Typical Applications

  • Recycling
  • Metal Pressing
  • Precision Turned Parts
  • Swarf Cleaning
  • Tote Bin Washing
  • Automotive
  • Railway