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Technowash ltd has unveiled a new industrial rotary drum dryer system, which is suitable for removing moisture from a wide range of components and applications.

The dryer has been designed to process high volumes of smaller components, and is another addition to the already comprehensive range of washing and degreasing equipment, manufactured by Technowash ltd.

Parts are fed into the dryer unit, and slowly tumbled and conveyed, while hot air is continuously circulated around the drum through an air knife. The continuous movement of the parts, ensures even troublesome areas which trap moisture are fully dryed, and that all surface areas of the components can be reached.

The dryer drum is constructed from either plastic or stainless steel, dependant on the type of component, and is fully perforated to aid the drying process. An extraction system is fitted, to safeguard the environment and any moisture is removed from the machine safely. The dryer has fully adjustable heating controls, and variable drum speed controls, making it very flexible. It is also available with vibratory hopper infeed and outfeed elevator if required.

Applications are wide and varied, as it can be used during many different processes. One recent example includes the drying of plastic balls following spherical grinding, and Technowash ltd have now supplied over fifteen of the dryer systems globally, for this purpose alone.

More information on the dryer systems can be found by contacting the Sales Team on 01609 778771