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A new aqueous-based automated cleaning system developed specifically for cleaning V8 Engine blocks, is becoming a huge hit.

This new water-based cleaning system, has been developed in direct response to a call for an effective alternative to solvent cleaning methods for automotive parts. The success of the system in terms of the cleanliness results it achieves and the high industry demand it is now generating, shows once again that water-based cleaning systems are more than capable of matching their solvent counterpart on every level.

This machine’s particular success can be put down to a combination of the latest  aqueous based technology with clever design. Specifically addressing the cleaning challenges of the V8 Engine block, in terms of shape, size and countless blind holes, the machine’s entire design is based around removing swarf, coolant oil and all other contaminant from every area of the engine block.

The V8 engine blocks are suspended inside the machine’s wash chamber, and slowly bi-directionally rotated. A water-based wash solution and mains water rinse, are sprayed at high velocity through the wash pumps, spray bars, and jets onto the engine block ensuring all areas are reached. Hot air is then blown from the top of the chamber onto the rotating engine block, and so the engine block is thoroughly dryed as well as cleaned before finally exiting the machine.


Cycle times are currently down to 15 minutes per cycle, meaning upto 4 engine blocks per hour can be processed.

With increasing demand for exceptional cleaning results, cost effectiveness, environmental legislation compliance and operator safety, it is true to say that this aqueous based wash system, effortlessly puts a tick in every box.

In addition this is by no means the only water- based system that Technowash ltd has developed for automotive parts in recent months. With the continued success of the conveyorised engine block washers launched last year, and the every popular top loading spray wash equipment for other automotive parts, it seems that water-based equipment is certainly proving it is the way forward.

4th Feb 2009