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Technowash ltd have supplied Caterpillar Ltd with a new degreasing system to wash the fuel and hydraulic tanks, being manufactured at their UK plant in Peterlee.


The degreasing system is a water- based, fully automated, system comprising of four stages. It has been designed to be both Operator friendly, and have the capacity to reach high levels of cleaning specifications.


The design has been specifically tailored to cope with the ground breaking levels of material handling, liquid movement and weight capabilities generated by the tanks, as well as the magnitude, internal baffles and unusual shape.


A unique rotary component jig inside the spray wash main chamber allows the fuel tanks to be manipulated during the wash process. Internal fast fill devices are used to fill the fuel tanks with filtered wash solution down to one micron size, before rotating them through various hot spray wash and rinse stages. The component jig then suspends the fuel tanks in various positions allowing for thorough draining of the tanks internals.


The degreasing system has the capacity to process up to four large fuel or hydraulic tanks every hour, and it can reduce weight contamination to only 3mg- providing cleaning consistency and quality.


In addition, being a fully automated system, all the Operator needs to do is push the button.


Looking ahead to the future, the machine has also been designed with enough capacity to ensure that any expansion of the fuel and hydraulic tank lines can also be accommodated.


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16th October 2008