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Two Stage, Hot Wash & Hot Air Blow Dry

Flatbed Conveyor Type Wash Machine




Process Stages:

  •       Heated Detergent Spray Wash (Re-Circulated)
  •       Hot Air Blow Dry 


  •       Fully stainless steel
  •       New machine –  Surplus to requirements
  •       300mm wide close-knit chain conveyor belt
  •       200mm product height clearance
  •       Average belt speed 300mm per minute
  •       Top mounted spray bar with spray jets
  •       Adjustable fluid temperature control
  •       Adjustable wash cycle timer
  •       Coarse, medium and fine levels of fluid particle filtration
  •       Steam extraction fan  


  •       3 Phase + Earth, 415V, 50Hz, 80 Amp Supply

Overall Dimensions: 

  •       3050mm (L) x 1200mm (W) x 1850mm (Height, excluding extraction)

two stage coneyor washer

conveyor washer for sale brand new two stage conveyor wash machine


For more details on the machine specification or a cost quotation, please contact Technowash at: or telephone 01609 778 771 and ask for machine salesYou can also download a PDF of the above here