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Technowash have announced today that they are cutting the price on their Bench top Ultrasonic ‘Cleanex‘ range and the Standalone ‘Cleanmax’ range, in a bid to transfer cost savings to their customers.

As a direct response to the current worsening economic climate, Technowash decided to consciously examine and restructure their entire product range processes, which has led to increased savings throughout the Ultrasonic range. This saving is something they are keen to transfer to customers, as Sales Director Steven Price, explained:

“More and more we are finding our customers don’t have the large capital expenditure that was available 6 months ago, so we decided to see if we could make any savings which could then be transferred. We have restructured a number of production processes, and as a result can now reduce the cost of our bench top and standalone ultrasonics, which applies across the entire Cleanex and Cleanmax range”

The ultrasonic cleaners, are all stainless steel, compact models and are available in a variety of different tank sizes from 8ltr to 160ltrs. They come with either analogue or digital controls, and all have a guaranteed two year warranty.

They are suitable for a wide range of applications including: Laboratories, Pharmacuetical Companies, Vetinerary Surgeries, Brass Musical Instrument Repairers and Manufacturers, Clock Repairers, Jewellery Cleaning, as well as the traditional industries such as Aerospace and  Automotive.


20th October 2008