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  • Multi Stage Front Loading Wash System
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Technowash has recently signed a deal with Safetykleen Europe to begin the manufacture of their M105, M112 and M115 models. This collaboration sees British manufactured machines being shipped all over Europe.

The synergies of the combined expertise within Technowash and Safetykleen will create improvements to the already existing, highly effective fleet of Safetykleen machines. With Technowash’s twenty years of experience resolving customers cleaning issues this partnership has allowed Technowash to introduce machine and process refinements to further improve the Safetykleen range. This move has created the best rental opportunities for end users to obtain highly effective results in a cost effective manner.

The partnership has also allowed Safetykleen’s sister company Partswash Ltd to offer bespoke rental machines for customers with cleaning objectives above and beyond the scope of standard process equipment.