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When Weatherford looked for a supplier capable of performing to the strict industry standards required by all offshore oil & gas providers, their search took them to Technowash, the largest independent manufacturer of such aqueous degreasing equipment in Europe.

Based in Aberdeen, Weatherford’s operations involve global oil tool rental and refurbishment, but as part of their global corporate commitment to the environment, any equipment sourced had to be the safest available yet be capable of exceeding the companies highest production output targets.

Jim Liebnitz, Consultant at Weatherford said: “The cleaning process is an essential part of our operation. It is the only way of evaluating any damage and necessary repairs when the tools come back to the plant. Our existing process was extremely time-consuming usually taking two workers at least three attempts to clean each component with a high pressure wash gun, before it could even go to the next stage of processing, inspection.”

The Technowash equipment, already proven in similar industries such as Aerospace & Automotive fitted within all the companies’ key parameters for new equipment. The front load aqueous degreasing machine which achieves high standards of cleaning combined with reduced cycle times was recommended. Being constructed to have a high weight carrying capacity and easy load / unload access it was ideal for heavy-duty components and a perfect match for Weatherford’s needs.

The existing solvent process was time consuming and inefficient. The chemicals being used were corrosive and hazardous to the company’s employees and surrounding environment. The time for change had arrived.

After full training from Technowash’s experienced after sales support team, all equipment operators were successfully awarded certificates and started to increase efficiency, virtually overnight.

The solution from Technowash enabled Weatherford to complete a job in 15 minutes that was originally taking them several hours. It was also a much safer production line, as chemicals have been eliminated and handling has been cut to a minimum allowing valuable labour to be freed up and allocated to other tasks.

Waste was also of major concern to Weatherford. Waste generated from the previous system had to be changed every two weeks and, being solvent based, was difficult and expensive to

The waste water from the aqueous system now only needs to be changed once a month and Weatherford are considering further wash water recycling equipment from Technowash to allow them to be even more environmentally responsible with their waste products.

Mr Liebnitz continued: “We are delighted with the service, the equipment and the knowledge passed on to us. Our efficiency & output has increased ten-fold and hazardous chemicals have been eliminated from operations.

The outcome has been superb and I would have no hesitation recommending this equipment to other companies.”

12th Dec 2008