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Technowash have developed a safe system of removing rust from Ferrous components using their ‘TECHNOWASH NEUTRAL DERUST FORMULATION’.

The example shown is an engine block destined for re-manufacture. Process temperatures do not exceed 55 degrees and the chemical is classified as no risk to the operators or the environment. The equipment shown is one of the TWL, top loading, spray wash range, however Technowash can design bespoke units where more complicated profiles require precise corrosion removal specifications  incorporating potential for increased volumes of components.

This process will be attractive to both small independent operators and larger companies in the automotive and marine re-manufacturing sectors. Spectacular results can be consistently achieved in times well below 60 minutes. Long tank life ensures that the replacement of dangerous Chlorinated Solvents and Caustics is achievable at acceptable cost per item.

The before and after pictures below show the results obtained after a 45 minute wash cycle:

anti corrosion rust free wash

Please contact Technowash Limited for more information on this process:

Telephone asking for ‘Machine Sales’    01609 778 771