• Engine Degreasing
  • Multi Stage Front Loading Wash System
  • Heavy Industry Applications
  • Ultrasonic and Spray Wash Machines’
  • Manufacturing & Re-Manufacturing
  • Multi Stage Conveyor Wash System
  • Rail Industry
  • Multi Stage Front Loading Wash System
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Multi Stage Conveyor Wash System
  • Automotive Industry

Hand Spray Lance Cabinet

Technowash TechJet-Hand Spray Lance Cabinets have been designed for cleaning component parts manually with hand held brush or gun attachments to clean areas of components where traditional automated spray wash machines cannot reach.

Fully constructed from stainless steel, the Technowash techjet hand spray lance cabinets are operator friendly with easy to use control systems.   Foot operation is provided for simple operation to control the flow of fluid through the wash pump.

The spray lance cabinets can be designed and provided with front or side openings for component loading, depending on the application requirements.  External load tables are also available which can be used to roll the component parts into the spray cabinet.

Manual rotating turntables are available, allowing the operator to rotate the component parts within the spray chamber to fully clean all areas.

Corrosion resistant electric immersion heaters and stainless steel wash pumps are fitted as standard.

Standard Features

  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • Front or Side Opening Access Door
  • Hand Held Flow through Brush or Fluid Gun
  • Heavy Duty Operator Gloves
  • Viewing Window
  • Fully Independent Fluid Tank
  • Low Fluid Level Protection
  • Door Pressure Sensitive Safety Pad
  • Digital Display Fluid Temperature Control
  • Integral Fluid Filtration Network
  • Electric Fluid Heating
  • Pressed Stainless Steel Wash Pump

Optional Extras

  • Disc Type Oil Skimmer
  • Fine Inline Fluid Particle Filtration
  • Oil/Water Separator Units (Insoluble Oils)
  • Steam Extraction Fan & Steam Condenser Units
  • Auto Fresh Water Refill
  • 7 Day/24 Hour Fluid Heater Timer
  • Effluent Disposal Pump
  • Auto Detergent Dosing Units (syphon or probe type)
  • External Load Tables
  • Manual Rotating Component Turntable
  • Twin Door Operation (for in-feed and out-feed)

Typical Applications

  • Precision Manual Cleaning
  • Final Cleaning of Component Parts