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  • Heavy Industry Applications
  • Ultrasonic and Spray Wash Machines’
  • Manufacturing & Re-Manufacturing
  • Multi Stage Conveyor Wash System
  • Rail Industry
  • Multi Stage Front Loading Wash System
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Multi Stage Conveyor Wash System
  • Automotive Industry
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Ultrasonic cleaning is a high precision cleaning method, which is gentle, quick safe and highly effective. Ultrasonic cleaners have the ability to clean both the externals and internals of a wide range of component parts, and is particularly advantageous for cleaning inaccessible areas such as internal tubes, screw threads, hinges and serrated edges.

Ultrasonic cleaning method has the capacity to reduce cleaning times from hours to literally minutes, and is an ideally suited cleaning method for intricate parts, and components which can’t stand aggressive or forceful spray washing.


Pre-Sterlisation of complex surgical instruments.

An ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for cleaning surgical instruments which require a high precision clean on all surface areas. The ultrasonic cleaning method is particularly effective for the parts which are either delicate or have intricate areas which require thorough cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaner, can be single stage incorporating only the ultrasonic wash, or be multi-stage, also including a mains rinse stage and drying stage.

ultrasonic cleaning surgical instrumentsUltrasonic Cleaning for delicate surgical instruments

Paintstripping & Dewaxing.

Ultrasonic baths are highly effective at paint stripping and dewaxing component parts. The method of ultrasonic cleaning, combined with a specfically formulated paint stripping detergent, ensures that the ultrasonic wash solution can get in right behind the paint or wax, and it is literally lifted straight off the component part.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Paint StrippingUltrasonic cleaning equipment for paint stripping & dewaxing

Laboratory, Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning is able to give the high precision clean that is required for intricate laboratory equipment. The ultrasonic cleaner can also be used as a method for degassing water.

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Laboratory EquipmentUltrasonic Cleaner can be used for lab equipment and degassing water

Orthopaedic Implants.

An ultrasonic cleaner is capable of producing the high precision cleaning standard required for orthopaedic implants. Ultrasonic cleaning is quick, yet it is also gentle, and ensures that a thorough clean is achieved without causing any damage.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment for Orthopaedic ImplantsUltrasonic baths can be used for Orthopaedic implants

Component tubes for Aerospace.

Ultrasonic cleaners can provide high precision cleaning for components with complex internals used in aerospace engines, gas turbines, and other aerospace parts. The ultrasonic bath is highly effective at removing all dirt, grease and oxides from all surface ares both internally and externally.

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Aerospace partsUltrasonic cleaning equipment for complex aerospace internal tubes

Automotive parts with inaccessible surface areas.

An ultrasonic cleaner can provide high precision cleaning for components used within the automotive industry, with inaccessible surface areas. The ultrasonic cleaning equipment can ensure that surface areas such as tube internals, screw threads and hinges all achieve a high precision clean.

Ultrasonic cleaning baths for automotive parts

Ultrasonic cleaners for automotive parts with inaccessible areas

Brass Clock Parts & Musical Instruments.

Ultrasonic baths can be used to clean intricate brass parts, and the ultrasonic bath is ideal for removing polishing compounds and other oxides for all internals, edges hinges and valves.

Ultrasonic cleaning for brass clock parts and musical instruments

Ultrasonic cleaning for brass clock parts and musical instruments