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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Specifically designed to provide very high levels of component cleanliness, where multi-stage process tanks are required to achieve the component cleanliness standards required.

Available in either two stage (wash & rinse) or four stage (prewash – ultrasonic wash – rinse & dry) as standard although any combination of process tanks can be provided to suit the application in hand.

Component baskets can be either manually or automatically transferred from tank to tank via a PLC controlled overhead handling system.

A selection of optional extras are available, such as oil and particle fluid filtration, DI water process stages and auto detergent dosing to further enhance the machine’s performance.

Standard fluid tank capacities range from 40 litres to 160 litres per tank, although larger systems can be supplied on request.

Standard Features

  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Digital Display Fluid & Air Temperature Controllers
  • Manual or Fully Automated Component Basket Transfer System
  • Low Level Fluid Protection
  • 2 or 4 process stage tanks
  • Lift on/off Lids and Stainless Steel Mesh Component Baskets
  • Thermal and Sound Insulation

Optional Extras

  • Pneumatic lids
  • Automated Handling System
  • Spraybar, Pump and Weir System
  • Pump and Filtration System
  • Effluent Disposal Pump
  • Oil/Water Separator Unit

Typical Applications

  • Microelectronics
  • Aerospace Component Parts
  • Castings & Pressings
  • Dental/Medical Equipment
  • High Precision Cleaning